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The Inner Child: the world of our childhood

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The inner child is a non-energetic element that lies in our soul and it represents the world of our childhood.  One of the characteristics of the inner child is that it never grows. In our adult lives this has the function of making us look at certain of life’s situations feeling the emotions we had as a child and thus in a way that otherwise we wouldn’t be able to experience.    

Another natural characteristic of the inner child are its dark and bright sides, sorrow and joy. If we have had a healthy childhood, with loving parents who gave us the support to evolve, then our inner child’s bright and dark sides are balanced and its influence in our lives will be constructive; but if our childhood has been troubled, then the suffering we went through becomes a weight that will compromise the quality of our existence. This imbalance is the result of a toxicity caused by our parents and our family environment. This will have a destructive impact on our adult lives with fear and anger being the dominant emotions from which we, unconsciously, will create our daily reality. Therefore we can’t expect to experience what we desire and as we would like it. Moreover, even if we do allow constructive circumstances, we won’t recognize their value and will automatically sabotage them.
We are always in touch with our inner child, but not always in a conscious way. This is why we often believe that we have lost contact with it. Another factor that reinforces this belief is that the inner child is commonly associated only with innocence, which is mostly understood as the absence of evils and wrongs or an absence of knowledge or understanding. However, innocence is a state of balance, generated by our inner child, and where sorrow and joy co-exist in a harmonious way, free of toxic elements. Joy and sorrow then manifest themselves according to the natural flux of life, being there when we naturally need them. Innocence strengthens our inner balance and supports us in experiencing and creating our lives constructively. If our inner child’s two aspects, joy and sorrow, are balanced and reside in their proper dimension, then we will experience and manifest both in a constructive way, but if they are overloaded by the weight inherited by our family, then they will affect our lives negatively. This means that our inner child will dominate us, compromising many of our experiences. As adults we will then express childish unpleasant behavior that will prevent us from enjoying our relationships authentically. Eventually we will isolate ourselves, we won’t be much appreciated by others or falsely appreciated and will attract people who resonate with the suffering we emanate, with the consequences that this brings with it.   

How does the inner child create our reality? The inner child is energized by the energetic heart. The fluxes of the energetic heart bring the information contained in the inner child up to the mind. In the mind, the ego transforms this information into childhood emotions, convictions, and ideas. Then it sends them to the body and they become our behavior and so our reality. Again it depends on the state of the inner child whether the reality it creates will be healthy or unhealthy.

Is it possible to heal our wounded inner child? Yes, it is. We can reach our inner child by looking into our souls and  releasing the suffering we went through when we were little by transforming the perception of it. If we had a good childhood, then our inner child won't suffer and so it won't compromise our experiences. However there could be other factors that prevent us from living our lives fully, like a lack of balance regarding our archetype or our masculine and feminine elements. I will explain this in the following articles. Only if we transform the perception of our painful past experiences we can make peace with what happened. Then we can learn how to love and understand ourselves, which will allow our inner child find its balance. Through dedication and practice we can build up a healthy relationship with our inner child, with ourselves, based on love and reciprocal trust. Love and trust is what our inner child needs, what we needed when we were children and didn’t receive. Love and trust are thus the keys to help our inner child to reconcile with life and help us enjoy our existence in a constructive way. Our inner child will then support us in enjoying many moments of our lives, with that peacefulness we once lost and finally re-discover.

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