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Domestic Violence

Round Tables
“Stopping violence against women by ending violence against men.”

This  round table is specifically designed for both victims and perpetrators  of domestic violence and for those seeking to learn more about the subject. It is a place to talk, learn and share experiences on domestic violence to enrich our knowledge of the topic, to know how to improve aspects of ourselves, to develop an understanding of the causes, effects & ramifications of domestic violence, and to have a resource for further work in creating a life free of violence.

Violence is an issue that affects the lives of many of us. Violence is an attitude that prevents a person from growing psychologically, emotionally and physically. It can be visible or invisible. The effects of violence on one's life are always destructive.  

Violence is born in the heart of an individual from the moment of his conception and family is the external factor that can encourage or discourage the development of violence during growth. Parents who do not know how to provide their children with the love they require can’t create a family where their children feel safe. This compromises the psycho-emotional development of children with destructive consequences.  The reasons for dysfunctional behavior lie in the way that he or she experiences reality internally and the circumstances in which a person lives can reinforce that or prevent it from growing. Often these reasons are unconscious. Whether the person knows them or not, they remain at an unconscious level and are thus difficult to be released from their belief system. He or she will therefore manifest a dysfunctional behavior because that is the normality. Behavior can change when toxic unconscious reasons are made conscious. By doing this the person can work to become free of them and create a life with a solid foundation of constructive values and healthy attitudes to achieve.

In this Round Table you will

- See the connection between your past events and your experiences in the present

- Understand how an individual functions and why

- Understand the importance of re-learning about love

- Have a resource for further improvement

- Develop a new perspective on behavior


- Sentidu Life Coaching: A New Way of Living Life

- Let's talk about LOVE

- The influence of the family's toxic emotional baggage on behavior

- Perpetrator and victim: two faces of the same coin → The role of the emotional child

- Defining Violence

- Preventing dysfunctional behavior starts within oneself

Violence is a problem that affects us all, directly or indirectly, no matter the race, status, religion, culture, etc.We can be aware of its impact or not. The reasons of violence are the same for every one and we manifest those reasons throughout the same internal mechanism. The solution that I propose with Sentidu Life Coaching addresses these reasons and helps to eradicate them. It has immediate constructive results in the present and helps to lay down a solid foundation for future generations. If we really want to create healthy and sustainable environments, enduring wealth and overall satisfaction, then we must be ready to integrate new perspectives like Sentidu to the already existing ways we provide help.
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