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Elena Perella

My name is Elena Perella and I am a life coach from Sardinia, Italy. I work with a unique approach which I call Sentidu. It is based on our ability to make conscious the unconscious reasons for behavior and a new perspective on the energetic relationship between heart, mind, and body through which we create our daily reality.
I studied in The Netherlands for many years specializing in the field of human behavior. I received a Master's degree in Latin American Studies with a focus on Literature and Cultural Anthropology. Literature helped me to explore the recesses of the human mind while Cultural Anthropology helped me to understand the reasons and dynamics that cause members of a society to act as they do.

Once I graduated I could apply my academic knowledge and preparation. I worked for various socio-cultural organizations in The Netherlands and obtained a wide range of experience in dealing with people. Working in international environments reinforced my natural openness to people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. This exposure helped me to further fine-tune my abilities to understand people's emotions and be receptive to them. I then went on to create Sentidu Life Coaching. In creating Sentidu my life experiences were fundamental. Through my own life experiences I relate to my clients, helping them to understand the root causes of their problems, and more importantly to find their inspiration and motivation toward a healthy life.

By offering a new perspective on behavior, I will help you to uncover the connection between past events and present experiences and guide you to understand how you function and why. Together, we will explore the importance of re-learning about self-love. By enhancing your awareness of what makes you act the way you do, you will build the instruments to improve yourself and dissolve your destructive habits. Together we will work to develop a new insight into your behavior, to give yourself a chance to overcome obstacles and be the person you were meant to be. You’ll experience how refreshing that is, right away!

My professional experience:

Life Coaching
Social-Cultural Integration Coach
Back-to-work Transition Coach
Language Coach & Trainer
Immigration Work

+39 3426208674
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