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Elena Perella

My name is Elena Perella and I am a life coach from Sardinia, Italy. I work with a unique approach which I call Sentidu. It is based on our ability to make conscious the unconscious reasons for behavior and a new perspective on the relationship between heart and mind, through which we create our daily reality.

I work on the heart, because it’s there and not in the mind that the reasons for your behavior are stored, reasons that are preventing you from moving forward, and those which determine your success in your life and work. Everything is a product of your heart: your emotions, your feelings, and your thoughts. The mind then just gives shape to what your heart communicates. This is why Sentidu works on the heart, because when you cleanse your heart from obstacles then you restore healthy communication with the mind, allowing yourself to create constructive results in your private and professional life.

I will help you recognize the source of your behavior, detect the toxic convictions and tendencies that prevent you from achieving success, and help you free yourself from them. By helping you to see for yourself what isn’t working in your life, I’ll help you to transform your perception of painful past events to make you shine and help you let go of what hinders you from moving forward. You’ll experience how refreshing that is, right away!


My professional experience:

Life Coaching
Social-Cultural Integration Coach
Back-to-work Transition Coach
Language Coach & Trainer
Immigration Work

+39 3426208674
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