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Our being is comprised of three main energetic centers, the Heart, the Mind and the Body, which are connected to each other. Throughout them flows the vital force also called vital energy. In the Heart lies our Soul, which is our innate memory, both conscious and unconscious, which determines our life’s experiences.

The vital force, flowing throughout our being, reaches the Heart, and it leads elements of our innate memory up to the Mind, which, through one of its functions, the Ego, transforms them into thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, and dreams. It then sends all these to the Body and they become our tangible reality.

Our Soul can be contaminated by the toxic energy generated from our destructive family convictions and tendencies, our past traumas, our inner conflicts. This toxic inheritance will also affect the natural development of our potential. All this hinders the natural flow of the vital force throughout our being, with destructive consequences for our psychological, emotional, and physical functioning. And moreover, the toxic energy oppresses our real essence, compromising the quality of our lives. Therefore instead of creating our own reality we repeat our family’s painful (hi)story.

But we can change the course of our (hi)story and become the authentic leaders and masters of our experience. Addressing our problems at their root cause is the key to dissolving what blocks us from moving forward. We have to shake our inner world to transform our Soul’s toxicity into the pure essence of life. Eventually clear healthy communication will be restored between our Heart, our Mind and our Body, leading to a true awareness of our being, wich we call Sentidu. Only then we can reshape our lives, healing what needs to be healed and letting go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. This will allow us to find the balance to serenely evolve and become who we were meant to be. We will find our own way, creating and experiencing the life we aim for, allowing ourselves to ride the waves of life without being overwhelmed by events.
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