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Lasting change is not a matter of DOING but a matter of BEING.

I help people overcome difficult situations in their lives by offering insight into the real sources of their behavior.   

My one-on-one courses are based on a revolutionary insight into the connection between past events and present experiences. And once you've understood this connection, answers to problems in your current situation will flow naturally, almost effortlessly.

If you want the solutions to come, you just have to be on the right path.
I will help you find it.

Sentidu is the beginning of your journey towards the realization of your dreams.

And even if you are already satisfied with life, Sentidu will help you explore new possibilities for growth.

Rediscover happiness; love yourself; let go of pain.
Contact me for a 60 minute free session.
Discover Sentidu, a new way of improving your life.

+39 3426208674
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