Elena Perella

Personal Coach for High Achievers

If you, as a High Achiever, want to show up with a higher level of presence and lower stress, have enhanced relationships, become a better performer, and most important be happier every day, I can help you! Challenges and life’s stress never stop, but your ability to manage those will become easier.


I believe we can do better than the previous generation and with my coaching sessions I can contribute to this, to our evolution into New Human Beings so that we can create a sane and healthy reality for ourselves and our children.

Elena Perella

Do you struggle with toxic anxiety, self-doubt, toxic


Do you feel overwhelmed or dissatisfied?

Do you constantly look for praise and approval?

Through my highly empathic nature, I create a safe environment where you feel at peace so that you open yourself to acknwoledge the real reasons behind your discomfort and embrace your internal renewal.

Using Su Sentidu – Sardinian language – which represents the ability to see things as they really are, and that I developed it during my personal journey of evolution, I will help you to go beyond what you have learned about yourself and life until now and guide you to get where you want to be, faster, without going through the tormenting passage of self-demolition, so that, eventually, you will become able to choose how to feel, what to think, and how to behave in a sane and healthy way, the New Human Being.

I offer support in the following areas:





See Things as They Really Are

Take Control of Your Choices

Do you feel that something is holding you back from living life to its fullest?

Do you believe – or perhaps even know – that you could have a more successful personal and professional life, if only you could stop certain behaviors or had other, more constructive behaviors?

Do you have the feeling that what we have been taught isn’t allowing us to thrive as we hoped and is not giving shape to a safer world?

Are some of your habits derailing your life and taking you in a completly different direction from where your dreams and aspirations lie?

Would you like to gain control of your life and confidently bring about positive transformation in your life?

Become free to choose how to feel, what to think,  and how to behave. Sharpen your focus, master your life!

You will go beyond what you have learned about yourself and life and become free of the limitations that are preventing your from enjoying your life fully.

What are the services?

Sentidu System

Sentidu Premium


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What People Are Saying

“I finally found courage within myself…”

I finally found courage within myself to forgive and let go of all the pain, unworthiness and the self- destructive thought of me  not worthy of living.


“You won't be infuenced anymore…”

You won't be infuenced anymore by the people around you, you won't be anymore forced to act by the pain of the scars inside  yourself or by your painful past experiences. It will be that voice inside yourself that guides you through life.You'll live every day in a fresh way. It's unbelivable to see that those around you begin to change without you doing anything." 


“ I don’t drink anymore, I don’t smoke anymore, I (still) don’t have sex…”

I don’t drink anymore, I don’t smoke anymore, I (still) don’t have sex. I am unimaginably aware of myself and of my surroundings. You are right, Elena, loving yourself is the key…the key to everything. All my senses are open. I’m still not afraid of anything. I face every confrontation that goes against my integrity, also at work, taking into account the way others harm themselves, spiritually. It is not about winning in this short life but about healing and sharing.

Wilbert Louwers

“Thank you for helping me see…”

Thank you for helping me see my true nature and to make me realize what my wishes are. The journey with you has been a return to life. Now I can savor again every moment of the day."