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Lasting change is not a matter of DOING but a matter of BEING



I help people overcome difficult situations in their lives by offering insight into the real sources of their behavior.   

My one-on-one courses are based on a revolutionary insight into the connection between past events and present experiences. And once you've understood this connection, answers to problems in your current situation will flow naturally, almost effortlessly.

If you want the solutions to come, you just have to be on the right path. I will help you find it.

Sentidu is the beginning of your journey towards the realization of your dreams.

And even if you are already satisfied with life, Sentidu will help you explore new possibilities for growth.

Rediscover happiness; love yourself; let go of pain.

Contact me for a 60 minute free session.
Discover Sentidu, a new way of improving your life.
You do everything for others, to make them “love” you and accept you, but it seems that it's never enough. You were born, you grow up and you live, in a constant search for love, to fill an emptiness inside yourself, while, without noticing it, you repeatedly fail. Why? Is it because we were born without an instructions' manual or because, ever since we were born, people have been keeping us from reading it? But that manual is right there, within us. From our birth on we look for it everywhere, in our careers, in other people, in financial wealth, and so on; and while we look for it, everything passes us by: life, true love, our loved ones, and without realizing it, we end up empty and confused. We never look in the most obvious place: inside ourselves. Yes, just right there, inside ourselves!  

There is a voice inside yourself that you probably, have never heard. You are that voice, of  immeasurable value. And even if time, people, and the experiences that you went through have left scars, that voice is always there, waiting to be heard. That voice wants to guide you every instant of your life, in every moment, in every more or less important decision you have to make. When you learn to listen to that voice, everything begins to change, and you can see it right away. And at some point listening to it becomes spontaneous. From that moment on you won't be infuenced anymore by other people or by painful wounds or past experiences. It will be that voice, inside yourself, that guides you through life.  

With the right support to help you reconquer yourself, you'll live every day of your life in a fresh way, and everything that until then was a tangle of knots, dissolves. It's unbelivable to see how people around you change, without you doing anything. The people you love the most are your children and they love you, and need your help to learn to live their lives. It's amazing when you look at your children and see a new light in their eyes. You've learned to give them true love, just as you learned to give it to yourself. Then your children will have a new energy because you taught them to tap into a real source, that flows inside themselves, like yours flows inside yourself.  

And who am I? I love and listen inside myself. I've arrived here at a new point of origin and nobody will bring me back. I found, or better said, found again, the most precious part of myself in an incessant energy motion...
and a new journey has now begun...

I'd like to thank you for helping me to discover what for a long time was inside myself, to see my true nature and to make me realize what my wishes were. It has been a return to life that makes me savor again every moment of the day. Everything conspired to make me come to you. I discovered that I have the right to be happy, and by embracing my inner child I could let go of the pain that joined me until then. I understood that I am special, strong and beautiful and
that when one is on the right path, the right answers come effortlessly.
Elena, meeting you has been very special and I thank the universe it brought me to you.
Most important you made me aware of how I passed my anger towards
my mother onto my children and how that impacted their lives.
I was passing on the anger of maybe generations before me and not the deep love that I feel for them.
Now I had good conversations with my children and our relationship improved significantly.
Wilbert Louwers

           I couldn’t believe that in just one week it was possible to have such an inner revolution!
I discovered who I am, without going through the tormenting passage of self-demolition first. Now I live serenely, enjoying my life and my relationships without that sense of guilt that tormented me during my whole life.
Barbara M.

Elena can handle the tough customers with  elegance and still be able to guide them through proper counseling. In  today's fast changing world with multi tasking being the order of the  day, every little thing is becoming a challenge fraught with  frustrations and stressful situations are building up negativity in  every ones life. From Schools to Corporate, we need counselors like  Elena, they are becoming a necessity.
Sanjay G. (via LinkedIn)

I finally found courage within myself to forgive and let go of all the pain,
unworthiness and the self- destructive thought of me not worthy of living.
Judita Louwers

I was a student of Elena’s through a distance learning foreign language program studying Dutch. Characteristics that distinguish Elena from her peers are that she is  extremely unique, creative, diverse, and multidimensional. In my  professional opinion, these characteristics coupled with her exemplary  interpersonal skills enable her to be an extremely effective  communicator and instructor. For those choosing to grow personally, I would highly recommend Elena as a guide for that process. While the modern world of the  internet provides countless options and opportunities for growth, upon  closer inspection the redundancy, similarities and commonplace nature of  those options become evident. I however would encourage you to  experience what is not common, what is unique, and enjoy the refreshing  experience of a coach with a wealth of knowledge and  experiences, in an inspiring learning environment and communicated  through the conduit of character, poise and grace.
Franklin Cole (via LinkedIn)

+39 3426208674
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