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Sentidu Coach

I am passionate about witnessing the transformation in my clients happening right in front
of my eyes. I love working with individuals who are ready to take full control of their lives and
want to freely live, love, and evolve.

I love what I do, and with good reason. I was born and raised on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Italy. At 19, after my father’s sudden death, something happened within
me that lifted a veil from my eyes and I started to see things for what they truly are. That marked the beginning of my transformation and elevation. I coached myself through a severe depression, eating disorders, and domestic violence and this has led me to break out of all of these challenges.
As a result I created Sentidu Life Coaching to help people experience their own
transformation and break free in the areas where they feel stuck.

Why I care?
I have traveled and observed the huge societal issues the world is facing. I decided to help people understand how they contribute to these issues and what leads to destructive behaviors and experiences. In this way we can consciously decide whether we want to be part of the problem or of the solution.

By becoming generators of constructive change in our lives first. I can help you empower yourself, see things for what they truly are and change the course of history for you and your children. In this way you’ll create a healthy environment to grow and evolve free of toxic conditionings, have an impact on your environment and leave a healthy legacy to future generations. A new reality is possible, let’s create it together!

I have a Masters degrees from Leiden and Utrecht in Latin American Studies, with orientation in Literaure and in Cultural Anthropology, and have worked with refugees and victims of political violence in the Netherlands and in Peru. Everything I did and experienced helped me understand human behavior deeper and find a different approach to help us improve.

I’m a free thinker that doesn’t take anything for granted and doesn’t accept passively the general state of things. I love to explore new possibilities for growth and to look for what is genuine and essential.

  • I live my life and choose my own experiences
  • I am free from my family’s toxic past and I am conscious and present
  • My work gives me energy and I really enjoy what I do
  • I let my body guide me on what it needs and how to stay healthy, how to nourish it
  • My new level of consciousness has allowed me to create and experience more balanced relationships
  • I know when to stand up for myself and can put up a fight if needed
  • I can embrace failure and move on from it
  • There is a new level of flow in my life, where there are lots of opportunities for growth and places to evolve from
  • I can observe my negative emotions, without being attached to them. I am aware they are there, but they don’t consume me. They are a part of me.
  • I have developed a great level of self-care and compassion

I am being myself to the fullest extent, and you can too.

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