Get rid of what feels uncomfortable and elevate yourself to bring your life to the next level.

I am passionate about witnessing the transformation in my clients happening right in front of my eyes. I love working with individuals who are ready to take full control of their lives and want to freely live, love, and evolve.

I love what I do, and with good reason. I was born and raised on the
beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Italy. At 19, after my father’s sudden death, something happened within me that lifted a veil from my eyes and I started to see things for what they truly are. That marked the beginning of my transformation and elevation. I coached myself through a severe depression, eating disorders, and domestic violence and this has led me to break out of all of these challenges.

As a result I created Sentidu Life Coaching to help people experience
their own transformation and break free in the areas where they
feel stuck.

Why I care?
I have traveled and observed the huge societal issues the world is facing. I decided to help people understand how they contribute to these issues and what leads to destructive behaviors and experiences. In this way we can decide whether we want to be part of the problem or the solution.


I will help you to develop the ability to see things as they really are

I will help you gain total clarity on the toxic conditionings placed on you by your family and society ‒ conditionings that are the main reason of most of your challenges in life. These toxic conditionings are also the source of many unwanted behaviors and limiting beliefs you hold. Remember, in order to free yourself from this past unwanted inheritance your full commitment is necessary. This means that you really want to make it happen, are willing to stretch your mind and are open to reflect on things in a way that you probably have never done. Once you free yourself from your family’s toxic emotional inheritance you will be free of (self-) destructive impulses, able to communicate with others confidently, as well as navigate personal and professional relationship effortlessly.

I am convinced that you can achieve overall happines by

Living with the feeling “I am enough”
Letting go of toxic conditionings
Elevating yourself