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How to Get Unstuck and Move Forward with Your Life

Activate Your Self Confidence - Elena Perella, Sentidu Life Coach
Do you feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward?
We have been taught that we have to suffer in order to learn and grow, but that's not true. Suffering can teach us something only when it's not the result of toxic family inherited conditionings. When your problems are the result of past toxic conditionings you’ll find yourself stuck - often in an endless loop of suffering - repeating over and over behaviors that cause you perpetual discomfort.

Perhaps at this moment you are feeling overwhelmed by multiple things in your life: your personal or professional relationships aren’t working, you have an unhealthy life style, you feel guilty for not spending  enough time with your loved onces, at work you don’t feel satisfied, you can't set boundaries, you often feel fed up with everybody and everything… All these are manifestations of your family's toxic emotional inheritance that is holding you in its grip.

The family's toxic emotional inheritance - the pain of past traumas, toxic convictions and tendencies, inner conflicts, emotions and other imbalances that are passed onto us by our family - affects all areas of our lives, forcing us to unconsciously sabotage ourselves and those around us. You don't have any control on it nor is it your choice or your fault. Your family’s toxic emotional inheritance is stronger than you are, that’s why you have problems and that’s why solving them is so difficult.

Get Unstuck: The Solution

The good news is, there is a way to cut those cords are holding you tight to this unwanted toxic suffering. You can decide today to take charge and free yourself from what your family’s toxic inheritance is doing to you. This means that you are now willing to identify those elements - a toxic conviction, a toxic tendency, a toxic thought, etc. - that were passed onto you and are blocking you from being your true self and living your life on your terms.

Once you begin to work on yourself you'll realize that it's not as difficult as you might first think, when you know how to do it. However the steps to take towards this emotional cleansing will be different for everyone. Click here to request more information to receive support for your specific situation.

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About the author

Elena Perella is NOT a therapist, a psychologist or a psychiatrist; she is a coach who focuses on helping clients indentify the real reasons behind their suffering and problems. Born and raised on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Elena is passionate about what she does, and with good reason. Elena coached herself through a severe depression, eating disorders and domestic violence and her experience has led her on a journey of discovery of how to break out all of these challenges. As a result she created Sentidu Life Coaching to help people experience their own transformation and break free in the areas they feel stuck.

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