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Is Spirituality really about Peace, Love, and Empathy?

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Tags: spiritualitylovepower
Although spirituality is mostly associated with peace, compassion, empathy, love, understanding and everything which expresses a state of being in which the so called negative emotions, like anger, frustration and hate are not present, there is a deeper and broader meaning to it that seems to be overlooked.  

Speaking of spirituality is speaking about life, concrete life where the “bad” and the “good” co-exist and manifest themselves in our lives. The difference between a spiritual and a non-spiritual life is that in the first case we live in full, conscious touch with our soul, with who we truly are, clean of toxic family inheritance, and that we are able to use and direct our vital energy to generate success in all the areas of our life. I call this “living in our power”. In a non-spiritual life we do not live in our power and so are incapable of living our lives to their fullest potential or can do so only partially and are mostly unaware of that reality.

When we are consciously aligned with the cosmic energies, we will be living in spirituality but we will discover that it isn’t as we have often heard, about peace, love and empathy. We will experience life in its wholeness which is also made up of fighting, conquering, foreseeing, sensing, dealing with, directing and influencing what takes place in our environment. All this will happen from an internal platform of balance where a consciousness of ourselves leads us to affect change, in harmonious synergy with the whole.  

The Inner Child: the world of our childhood

Published by in Human Behavior ·
Tags: innerchildemotionalchild
Love and trust is what our inner child needs, what we needed when we were children and didn’t receive. Love and trust are thus the keys to help our inner child to reconcile with life and help us enjoy our existence in a constructive way.

Violence against women: you, -yes, you!- can solve it.

Published by in Domestic Violence ·
Tags: domesticviolence;violenceagainstwomen;violenceagainstmen;violenceagainstchildren
Together we can work to achieve well-being in our own lives, and to leave a constructive legacy to future generations, so that our children can live and love.

Testament of Courage: a woman’s story to overcoming violence and finding love

Published by in Domestic Violence ·
Tags: domesticviolencelifecoaching
Instead of getting discouraged, I decided to see that experience as a mirror. In some way I knew that I was the one who had allowed the violence into my life, but didn’t know how. The reason why was written into my heart...
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