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A 26 hours individual course designed for people who want an immediate boost of energy. It can be followed in Teulada, Sardinia, or on-line through Skype or WhatsApp. The same program can be followed at a moderate pace with the RefreshYourLife course. At the conclusion of the program, in case you still need my support or would like to receive feedback about your own progress, you can contact me for single sessions.


  • A three hour coaching session every day for 5 consecutive days
  • Eleven follow up sessions each of 1 hour spread over three months
  • Consultations between sessions, if necessary
  • Excursions in the natural environment, if you take the sessions in Sardinia (optional)


  • How you function and why: a new insight into behavior
  • The influence of your family's toxic emotional inheritance on your behavior and experiences
  • Parenting: a good relationship with your children is born out of a good relationship with yourself
  • Make your dream job a reality by discovering your dominant archetype
  • Your ideal partner is waiting for you: how to open the door
  • Love: a new insight
  • A pemanent solution to your problems
  • Letting success flow into your life
I will guide you throughout our conversations to help you find your own way to be like an orchestra conductor, who directs energy to have the instruments play to their fullest potential, and so gives birth to a beautiful and powerful music, the symphony of your life. Our interaction during the sessions will be characterized by an exchange of information that happens easily and comfortably. It will feel like home.

I will use my abilities to

  • shed light on the unconscious reasons of your behavior and experiences
  • help you detox from your family's toxic emotional inheritance
  • awaken the vital energy inside you
  • support you in finding new possibilities for your life

The more you open yourself to our interaction, the more you will sense the process of renewal. Therefore you will feel very light, as you lose the weight of the past. Everything will suddenly fall into place, and you will feel the extraordinary peace that this brings with it. You will become able to develop your own strategies to excel in every situation and learn how to confront obstacles, no matter the circumstances.

Commit yourself to happiness. Experience Sentidu.

Important: Terms and Conditions.
Sentidu's programs are designed to help you undergo a deep process of energetic internal renewal. This will lead to an exponential improvement in all the aspects of your life. You won't learn my method, you will discover your own way of experiencing life in harmonious synergy with yourself, your environment and the world. I can't make any guarantee about your own ability to get the results you wish, simply because the results in life are up to you. I offer you professionalism, reliability, trust and a non-judgemental approach but also enjoyment, flexibility, and freedom of expression. I agree to guide and support you throughout the coaching process in identifying and achieving your personal and/or professional goals. You will work at yourself through my guidance in order to make your achievements permanent. Agreed? One of the most important prerequisites for Sentidu's coaching success is an honest, trustworthy and respectful working relationship. If you have any questions, email Thanks for visiting Sentidu's website.
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