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Enrollment Policies

Sentidu Coaching

1.The nature of the coaching and the impact it can have
Sentidu is a new, fresh coaching method based on my personal experience and knowledge. It works through an interaction on two levels, conscious and subconscious, and through which you will undergo a deep process of energetic internal renewal. The impact Sentidu can have during the sessions is liberating. You will feel the weight of the past that oppresses you leaving your being while the peace inside will expand. This will lead to an exponential improvement in all the aspects of your life. You won’t learn my method, you will discover your own way of experiencing life.
I offer you professionalism, reliability, trust, and a non-judgemental approach but also enjoyment, flexibility, and freedom of expression. Our interaction will happen according to what you need in order to achieve your goals.

2.Expectations and responsibilities
As your Coach, I agree to guide and support you throughout the coaching process in identifying and achieving your personal and/or professional goals. You will work at yourself through my guidance in order to make your achievements permanent. One of the most important prerequisites for Sentidu’s coaching success is an honest, trustworthy and respectful working relationship. If we have this as our foundation I have no doubt that we will achieve excellent results. Life Coaching doesn’t diagnose and doesn’t cure personality disorders. It doesn’t give psychotherapeutic nor psychiatric support. Should any issue arise for you that needs the attention of a licensed therapist, I will recommend you to contact the appropriate professional.

3.Policy regarding keeping appointments.
Each client has reserved their own time for coaching. So I ask you to please notify me two working days before the appointment if you are not able to come. If you are unable to keep your appointments another client could then miss the opportunity of receiving my support. I understand that unexpected things can happen, but I ask for your assistance in this regard.

4.Payment policy
BreakthroughNow! program: payment of the total cost of the course before the beginning of the program.

RefreshYourLife program: payment of the total cost of the course before the beginning of the program.

You can pay by banktransfer or paypal.

5.Policy regarding non-completion of the program or non-accomplishment the required self-work during and after the coaching. If you do not wish to continue with the programs or you won’t work at yourself during and after the coaching,you will break the commitment you made to yourself leaving personal issues unsolved. Moreover, you won’t achieve your desired results. You accept full responsibility for all this. Payments won’t be refunded.

You are motivated and committed to yourself in achieving your personal and professional goals. You have visited the Sentidu Life Coaching site and agree with the coaching Enrollment Policies.

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