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Gentle Awakening


This program is designed for people who are willing to awaken but don't know how to do it. To awaken means that, even though you may be still in the fog and you may not see absolutely everything clearly, you begin to see glimpses of reality.  

Often people awaken because of a life-changing or tragic event, like happened to me with my father's death.  

But I've always wondered if there was a gentle way to awaken, if people could be helped to awaken avoiding the harsh experience I needed. And so, a few years ago, I began to experiment and research. The outcome of my work was positive: I found that guiding people by means of daily life conversations, without immediately focusing on problems, bore fruit.

Today I am ready to offer you a new course, a course in awakening, so that you will be gently supported in your own awakening. If you are ready to take the course, it means you are ready to achieve awareness, to open your eyes, to acknowledge the real cause of your dissatisfaction. The course will bring you to the level where you will be aware and able to see things as they are, but not yet able to change yourself and your life. Later courses will get you to the level of being aware and capable of making those changes, and will provide you with the tools to guide yourself toward the next level, that of spontaneous capable of living your own life in harmonious synergy with yourself, your environment and the world.

In the Gentle Awakening Program, I adjust my coaching style to your own way of perceiving and expressing reality, internally and externally. I will gently guide you in dissipating the fog that prevents you from seeing things as they really are. But in the end it's really you who creates a breakthrough to let your awakening happen.

This is why the length of the program depends on your own rhythm.

Important: Terms and Conditions.
Sentidu's programs are designed to help you undergo a deep process of energetic internal renewal. This will lead to an exponential improvement in all the aspects of your life. You won't learn my method, you will discover your own way of experiencing life in harmonious synergy with yourself, your environment and the world. I can't make any guarantee about your own ability to get the results you wish, simply because the results in life are up to you. I offer you professionalism, reliability, trust and a non-judgemental approach but also enjoyment, flexibility, and freedom of expression. I agree to guide and support you throughout the coaching process in identifying and achieving your personal and/or professional goals. You will work at yourself through my guidance in order to make your achievements permanent. Agreed? One of the most important prerequisites for Sentidu's coaching success is an honest, trustworthy and respectful working relationship. If you have any questions, email Thanks for visiting Sentidu's website.
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