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How it works

Life Coaching
I will guide you throughout our conversations to help you find your own way to live your life to its fullest potential. Our interaction during the sessions will be characterized by an exchange of information that happens easily and comfortably. It will feel like home.  

I will use my abilities to:

- identify the unconscious choices that have let you feeling unsatisfied
- help you detox from the heaviness of the past
- awaken the vital energy inside you
- support you in finding new possibilities for your life

I will guide you in reaching the deepest aspect of your being and help you release what makes you feel stuck in your life. The more you open yourself to our interaction, the more you will sense the process of renewal. Therefore you will feel very light, as you lose the weight of the past. Everything will suddenly fall into place, and you will feel the extraordinary peace that this brings with it. You will become able to develop your own strategies to excel in every situation and learn how to confront obstacles, no matter the  circumstances.

Excursions in the natural environment

Through contact with the unspoilt natural environment of Sardinia you will:

  • feel free of the confines of space and time
  • get away from distractions and enhance your sense of who you were meant to be
  • let the natural world free you from mistaken self-images and so let you really become the center of your own life
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