The Possibility And Peace Of Releasing Generational Trauma With Elena Perella

Hosted by Lisa Lewis

Do you want to create a better life for your children and family? Are you fully satisfied with yourself, and with the quality of the life you lead? Can you differentiate between the habits that you inherited from your family and the traits that are uniquely yours?

In this podcast episode, Lisa Lewis speaks about the possibility and peace of releasing generational trauma with Elena Perella.

You will hear about:

  • Unnecessary suffering from generational trauma
  • Speak truly and lovingly
  • Awareness is always the first step

Generational trauma “programs” each person to follow a set of limiting beliefs, ideas, or roles in their family. This link can only be broken when one person is brave enough to step outside of it, call it out and address it, and start to heal.

Having been on a healing journey herself, Lisa Lewis knows what it’s like to overcome overwhelm and grow in ways that positively impact relationships. Her 20-plus years of education, training and life experience have equipped her to help others in their healing and growth.

She is dually licensed in California as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC). She received her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pacific Oaks College in 2015.

Visit Lisa’s website https://lisalewiscounseling.com/




¿Cómo equilibrar nuestras emociones?

Presentado por Jhoan López

”Las emociones son reacciones que todos experimentamos: alegría, tristeza, miedo, ira… Son conocidas por todos nosotros pero no por ello dejan de tener complejidad. Aunque todos hemos sentido la ansiedad o el nerviosismo, no todos somos conscientes de que un mal manejo de estas emociones puede acarrear un bloqueo o incluso la enfermedad. En el podcast del dia de hoy conversamos un poco con Elena de como manejar esas relaciones de amistad , familiares y de pareja que nos traen emociones toxicas a nuestra vida.” Jhoan López

Jhoan López es Mercadologo y presentador en Masita Radio un nuevo podcast de República Dominicana donde presentan diversos temas de salud emocional con un poco de humor para hacer conciencia en las personas de la importancia de cuidar su salud mental de una forma divertida de igual forma cuentan historias muy entretenidas que les han sucedido como familia en colaboración con su hermano Emanuel López

Masita Radio https://www.ivoox.com/podcast-masita-radio_sq_f11598664_1.html


It’s Not Your Fault with Elena Perella by The Small Victories Podcast

Hosted by Pauline Victoria

Why do we do what we do?  We know certain behaviors and habits are bad for us, like smoking, over-eating or even picking fights. And yet we continue to engage in this behavior. Where do these bad behaviors originate from and how can we free ourselves from our habitual programming?

Listen to this inspiring interview and learn that we have the power inside ourselves to make healthy choices.


Pauline Victoria puts her life experiencies at the service of people. Born without arms and legs, she was loved and nurtured by her parents who guided her toward a happy and fulfilling life. Pauline’s great strength makes of her an inspiring woman who decided to dedicate her life to encourage people not give up on their dreams and win, just like she did.

Meet her at https://paulinevictoria.com/



Cindy van Arnam and Elena Perella on Rebel Radio “Free Yourself from Toxic Emotional Inheritance”

Hosted by Cindy van Arnam

In the following interview Cindy and I discuss on WEALTH as the manifestation of balance in all aspects of our lives. We can achieve wealth through the elimination of our family’s toxic emotional inheritance, because these influences, that we all carry inside ourselves, don’t allow us to create balance. They are a discordant note in our lives. So we must become aware of these toxic influences, and once we do, we can take the right steps to eliminate them.’ I believe that we can collaborate, work together, and grow together and leave a healthy legacy to our children.

Cindy Van Arnam is a certified Universal Laws Coach, Facilitator of  Mastering the Brain Game, Quantum Numerologist and Strategic Operations Manager.

She is passionate about helping emerging entrepreneurs fully discover their own limitless power so they can create sustainable wealth through their passion and service to their higher purpose. She healed her old wounds of drug addiction, emotional abuse and trauma, Cindy now sees her own limitless power and is here to lead other entrepreneurs to discover the same.  

Visit her website https://cindyvanarnam.com/about/

Interview with Elena Perella Personal Coach, Eating Disorders and Domestic Violence Advocate

Hosted by David Hollenbach

I was interviewed by Battalion Chief David Hollenbach (retired).

We discuss about the root cause of our problems: our family’s toxic emotional inheritance. This inheritance affects the natural development of our potential, compromising our psychological, emotional, and physical functioning.

We can change the course of history, and with the proper inner work, identify and eliminate the toxic inheritance that our parents and previous generations passed onto us.

In this way, we evolve into New Human Beings, free from toxic conditionings, free to choose how to feel, what to think, and how to behave, and we leave our children a sane and healthy legacy.

Listen to our conversation and let you inspire!

“David is the author of “Fireproof: Your Grand Strategy for Transforming Failure into Fuel for Your Future.”

“He owns and operates David Hollenbach Consulting, LLC, and hosts the popular podcast “From Embers to Excellence.”

“David Hollenbach is a veteran of the United States Navy with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Barry University. A major focus of research for his capstone was how strong, positive leadership can influence the culture of a large organization. He has spent years as an instructor, coach and mentor helping others define and realize success. ”

Contact David at https://www.hollenbachleadership.com/


The Cause of Unhealthy Behaviours

Hosted by Thomas Green

Thomas and I had an inspiring conversation about the root cause of our unhealthy behaviours and destructive experiences, namely, our family’s toxic emotional inheritance.

We can free ourselves from inherited toxic elements and live free to choose how to feel, what to think, and how to behave. Most of all, by freeing ourselves, we help our children grow and evolve without generational pains.

Thomas is a great host. He is open-minded, curious, and very professional. He creates an atmosphere that allowed me to feel at ease, and dig deep into the topic to inspire and motivate the listeners.

His podcast Ethical Marketing Service is a great platform focused on helping business owners and entrepreneurs improve themselves and their businesses!

Reach out to Thomas https://www.ethicalmarketingservice.co.uk


Bleep Bulimia with Elena Perella – Personal Coach and Domestic Violence and Eating Disorders Advocate

Hosted by LaurieAnn Campbell

Family is one of the pillars of society.

Family is were people are made.

If family is broken, this affects the natural development of our potential, compromising our psychological, emotional, and physical functioning.

And so we develop unhealthy habits, create poor relationships, and go through destructive experiences, with the risk to put our children on the wrong path.

Is there a way to reverse your current situation and prevent your children from repeating unfruitful generational patterns?

Yes, absolutely. I made it. You can make it too.

Watch the following interview. Host, author of the book How To ave Your Cake And Not Eat It All Too: A Guide To Adult Bulimia Recovery, Bulimia Recovery Coach LaurieAnn Campbell and I have a candid conversation on the consequences of having been raised in a broken family and breaking free from generational pains.

You can find LauriAnn at https://iamthatgalcom.wordpress.com/


Voices of  The Goddess with Elena Perella – Domestic Violence and Eating Disorders

Hosted by Allyson Mancini & Julietta Wenzel

Allyson, Julietta, and I have an insightful conversation on how the lessons that we learn about ourselves and life are written inside of us. We don’t need to go through unnecessary suffering to learn all that, it’s through the love of our parents that we grow and evolve.

Allyson Mancini, she has found her true passion as a Holistic Nutritionist.

Julietta Wenzel, graduated with a Physical Therapy degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She is a contributing author in the best-selling book UNSTOPPABLE: Leverage Life Setbacks To Rebuild Resilience For Success.

Voices of The Goddess on youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/VoicesofTheGoddess/videos


Free Yourself from Toxic Family Emotional Inheritance ‖ Elena Perella

Hosted by Johann Callaghan

Sleep expert Johann Callaghan and I talk about the impact of the toxic emotional inheritance on our lives and the lives of our children, and teenagers. I encourage parents to reflect on themselves and unleash the courage to help their children grow free from the consequences of the unnecessary suffering caused by family’s toxic conditionings and unhealthy parenting.

Johann Callaghan, based in Co Kildare, is a certified health & wellness coach, sleep science coach, bestselling author, speaker, online trainer, entrepreneur & mum. She has featured many times in the media on radio, TV, newspapers and magazines. Johann’s first book ‘How to get a good night’s sleep’ has been a major success in Ireland and across the world. Johann gives seminars, workshops and online training in sleep, health & wellness and is a go to sleep expert. Johann is an award winning entrepreneur.

Visit Johann website https://johanncallaghan.com/


Breaking Generational Trauma: Elena Perella

Hosted by Gregory Favazza

Greg and I have a candid conversation on the influence of your family’s toxic emotional inheritance on your decisions and behavior, and thus on your leadrrship. Breaking with toxic conditionings is fundamental to develop a leadershipstyle  that is ethical and genuine.

Greg Favazza is a five year military veteran who was primed to lead by example and using his podcast: Your Transformation Station reaches listeners by connecting clarity to the morals and values that drive him. As a former sergeant, he understands what it takes to be a leader, and desires positive outcomes for himself and those around him. On his podcast, he has interviewed industry leaders in transformation such as authors, keynote speakers, doctors, and business professionals. In his career, Greg prides himself on authenticity and embracing the feelings of discomfort that emanate from making long strides towards self-actualization. 

Follow Greg on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregoryfavazza



Elaine Godley Talks to Elena Perella – Sentidu Coaching

Hosted by Elaine Godley

Elaine Godley and I have a chat on why we behave they way we do and what we can do to permanently change in a better way. I share with Elaine my personal experiences on eating disorders and domestic violence, and how my family’s toxic emotional inheritance made me develop unhealthy behaviors and go through destructive experiences.

Elaine Godley is a coach and consultant in the fields of health and behavior. Thanks of her long experience in business, 40+ years,  and her personal experiences, such as a burnout which led to stage IV cancer, she has noticed how our behaviour affects our health which can have a detrimental effect on our lives, personal and professional.

Contact Elaine at https://elainegodleychemoblog.wordpress.com/


Setback and Successes

Hosted by Kate Hudson-Hall

Kate and I have an interesting conversation on bulimia nervosa. I share with her my experience: how my bulimia was a manifestation of my mother’s toxic emotional inheritance and her poor parenting, and how I coached myself throughout it.

Kate is a wornderful host. She is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and NLP practitioner working also as an eating disorders therapist. She wrote three books: Bulimia Sucks!, Bulimia Sucks! Personal Workbook, and Bulimia Sucks! Personal Food Journey.

I invite you to listen to this interview and let you inspire to take action so that you can live a life free from eating disorders.

Reach out to Kate https://www.katehudson-hall.com/


Freeing Yourself from Toxic Family & Societal Conditioning

Hosted by Elaine Sugar

In this episode, Elaine Sugar interviews me on our family’s toxic emotional inheritance and how it prevents us from being our true selves. This inheritance is the root cause of most of our problems; it affects the natural development of our potential and our psychological, emotional, and physical functioning.

I offer suggestions for overcoming these issues and making decisions as your true self.

“I am excited to announce that Elena will also be making appearances as a Guest Host on the Empower Teen Self-Esteem Podcast. You can expect to see a lot more of Elena in the future!

Enjoy this episode of Empower Teen Self-Esteem & please take a moment to subscribe to our channel. This is a Kids, More S.U.G.A.R. production. Copyright Empower Teen Self-Esteem 2021 All Rights Reserved.” Elaine Sugar

Visit Elaine’s website www.kidsmoresugar.com



Mastering Self-Love with Domestic Violence

Hosted by Anu Verma

Anu Verma, author of Victim 2 Victor and former victim of childhood sexual abuse, interviews me on my experience on domestic violence. We explore the internal mechanisms that make us go through such terrible experiences, how we can deactivate them, and prevent our children from repeating those patterns. By making the conscious choice of eliminating the root cause of my abusive relationship, I broke the chain of generationals pains. Are you ready to do the same?

During the interview, sometimes, I look angry. Yes, I still am for what I went through. It’s a healthy anger that is helping me, in my last phase of my healing journey, to rebuild my inner strenght. My message to those who are going to watch this video is learn to allow your healthy negative emotions without being overwhelmed, consumed, or attached to them. Let your negative emotions be and master them just like I do in the interview.

Anu’s podcasts are a source of inspiration for those who want to better understand toxic behavioral dynamics and how to break them, to finally create a life of love and prosperity.

Visit Anu’s website https://victim2victor.net/about-anu-memoir-victim-2-victor/



What It’s Like… to be Elena Perella

Hosted by Lucy Carol Norris

Meeting Lucy has been a real pleasure. Lucy is a multimedia journalist who has a passion and a fascination for success stories of people who could turn adversity into a source of inspiration and achieve success in their lives.

Lucy’s interest for the mechanism of the human mind has brought her in contact with wonderful individuals from all over the world who share with her and her audience how they rode the waves of life toward fulfillment.

“What It’s Like…With Luce” is a podcast for all who want to overcome the fear of taking the step toward their own success.

You can find Lucy at https://lucynorris14.wixsite.com/lucycarolnorris



The following podcasts were taken during a period of my life where I was challenging myself to become the person that I am today.
While I was excited to share my struggles and achievements, you will notice that I was often quite anxious and nervous. I still believe that there is great value in each of these interviews as I am sharing some potentially life transforming information. In that period, I was on my way to close a long cycle of toxic, inherited pain that manifested itself through toxic hardships, those hardships that are a repetition of our family’s toxic script and that, contrary to what the majoritiy of the people believe, don’t teach us anything but make us waste time, energy, money and put at risk our health and psychological wellbeing.

Everything we need to know about ourselves and life, to live in harmony with ourselves, our environment and the world is written inside of us. We do not need to go through toxic hardships to learn all that. Most of all, it’s our responsibility to prevent our children from going through unnecessary suffering.

I overcame everything my family programmed me to go through, the severe depression, the eating disorders and the domestic violence. About toxic relationship with my partner, even though I attracted him as result of my toxic programming, I also really loved my him and believed until the end that he could become different than his parents programmed him. In one of the podcasts I am sharing that we are still together and he is making progress; but unfortunately I was wrong. I continued the journey of freeing myself from my family’s toxic emotional inheritance and eventually this led to our separation, which was absolutely necessary as he had ongoing extreme abusive tendencies. Most people lives are a mess as a result of the emotional inherited toxcity from their parents. Listen to these interviews and commit to free yourself from the toxic inheritance; and if you are a parent have a better life. Learn to reallly love yourself and express your love toward your children.

Elena – Shake Up Your Life, Reshape Your World

Hosted by Kristen Brunnello

If our parents show dysfunctional behavior when we are children, we are victims. But nobody says we have to be victims our whole life. Something has to happen to wake us up. When we awaken, it is our responsibility to step out of the victim role and become heroes (Elena Perella). Eating Disorders Recovery Coach Kristen Brunello and I talk about my struggle with binge eating disorder and bulimia from a young age. I read a chapter called “Mama, why don’t you love me?” of my upcoming book, and talk about how I coach myself through my EDs, discoevered the real cause and reparented myself. Kristen and I talk more about EDs, the importance of consciously conneting with the inner child and more. You can do more than you think to help your children; they will be greatful you didn’t give up on them.

Elena Perella, Life Coach

Hosted by Vena M. Wilson

In the following interview therapist Vena M.Wilson and I discuss about the influence of the family's toxic emotional inheritance on behavior. I share with her my experience about my awakening and my recovery from a story that wasn't mine and that forced me to experience events that compromised the quality of my life. Only when I realized that I was repeating stories that belonged to some of my family members, I could work on myself to break cycles of suffering and reclaim my own, amazing story. What about you? Are you also repeating your painful family’s (hi)story? If so, then I hope that listening to this conversation will inspire you to take action and reclaim your own life to live and love as your true self and to leave a constructive legacy to future generations.

Tap into Self-Love. Defeat Domestic Violence

Hosted by Jaqueline T.D. Huynh

Jacqueline is a warrior, a woman whose courage and strength I really admire. She managed to overcome life’s hardships and dedicate herself to help others improve and evolve. Jacqueline and I found ourselves immediately on the same line.We spoke about how self love can save our lives from some of the most tough experiences like domestic violence. Self-love is the key not only to defeat domestic violence but also to prevent it from affecting our lives. We can remake ourselves to achieve well-being, and to leave a constructive legacy to future generations, so that our children can live and love. I hope you will enjoy the following interview.

Elena Perella: Sentidu – Overcoming Your Past

Hosted by Charlie Hedges

With Charlie and Paul I had a great conversation about Love, Life and Sentidu, a new insight on behavior that I presented and discussed during the interview. Charlie's curiosity and enthusiasm to explore new possibilities to improve ourselves and our lives and Paul's attentive listening, made me feel home. We shared our insights, enriching each other's knowledge on topics that are fundamental for the shaping of a good life.  I was honored to be a guest on the show and hope that by listening to the following interview, you will feel inspired to take action and write your own Next Chapter.

Elena Perella – A Life Coach's Healing Journey from Domestic Abuse

Hosted by Alex Da Silva

I met Alex while surfing on the internet in search for people who would be interested in my story. When I read his blog, much of what he wrote resonated within me, especially his strength to rise above the ashes. Alex is a man who didn’t give up on himself despite the difficult experiences he went through. He was determined to succeed and he made it. He is an example of courage and humbleness. It’s a pleasure to be a guest on his podcast program and I hope that we, together, through this interview, can be an source of inspiration for people who are ready to face their fears and thrive.


“You’re going to want to be at the first annual Global Mental Wellness and Positivity Experience, September 12th to 18th!

Join us the week of September 12th to dial down your stress and uplift your life. You’ll experience meditations, movements, mindset resets, and the latest thinking on how to lead a more meaningful and successful life.” Elaine Sugar


If you smoke, overeat, abuse alcohol, overwork, experience toxic romantic relationships, or find yourself repeating other unhealthy behaviors, know that all these are not your choice nor your fault.

You didn’t and don’t deserve to go through unnecessary suffering. Break the cycle of family’s toxic conditionings; give yourself the chance to live in love, evolving into a New Human Being, and free your children from generational pains.  

I’ll be speaking at the M.A.P.S. Event on September 14th to raise awareness on the REAL cause of our self-harming habits, most of our problems, and conflicts.



The Difference Makers

Hosted by Jacqueline Grant

STUCK?-FINALLY BREAK FREE OF UNHEALTHY HABITS! Eliminate overeating, procrastinating, smoking, overworking and much more! Join me and Elena Perella, coming to us all the way from ITALY, as she shows us how to live life on purpose with passion and how to show your children to do the same.

This is an interview that I am totally dissatisfied with. I wasn’t clear in what I wanted to communicate. I wasn’t feeling comfortable but at that moment I didn’t understand why. A few days before this interview I was a guest at another show and it went great. So, what happened this time? The answer came soon: the host and I weren’t aligned with each other, energetically speaking. Nobody is to blame, of course. Things like this happen. When we are not in sync with other people, it’s natural to experience internal discomfort. In such cases, internal discomfort is a healthy feeling because it helps us understand ourselves and others better, and know the real cause of what we experience .

Nevertheless, in this interview there is still great value as I am sharing a new insight on the root cause of self-harming behaviors that will help you to reflect on yourself and your life so that you can choose to break free, permanently.

On this summit host Jackie Simmons interviews me on how to detoxify our emotional toxic inheritance. I raise awareness of this topic because it is the root cause of our unhealthy habits, most of our problems, and destructive experiences. I will help you understand what you can do to bring positive change in your life and help your children grow emotionally strong and independent, free from past toxic conditionings. 

I wanted to clarify something that we were discussing about choice when Jackie asks me “We can make a choice rather than act on a an impulse?” (20:40). My answer is not hearable, unfortunately.

I’d like to say it here: we can’t make a choice rather than act on an impulse. If it were so easy, we all would choose before acting in unhealthy ways but we don’t do it. As I said during the interview, we make unhealthy choices and go through destructive experiences because we are forced; those impulses are stronger than we are. If we resist the impulse and make a different choice without doing the innner work to remove the root cause of the impulse, we will suppress unhealthy impulses, yes, but this doesn’t mean that we have solved the problem. On the contrary, the problem will become bigger and more difficult to solve. Moreover, by suppressing the impulse we have to constantly monitor and control ourselves which causes us a lot of frustration, stress, and anger. If we eliminate our family’s toxic emotional inheritance, then we will make healthy choices spontaneously. We will never feel the impulse to make unhealthy choices or go through destructive experiences again, and so there won’t be any need to suppress anything.



Becoming a better leader: How to turn management into leadership


There are just too many bad managers or so-called ‘leaders’ in the business world – all the way from the talented arsehole and the temperamental genius to the overpromoted drone, or worse still, the uncontrollable egotist. We’ve all experienced them at some point in our careers. In fact, some of us probably were one at a certain time. And the reason being that, for many people, they are just expected to know how to do it – without receiving the tools to make it happen. Even if you are lucky enough to receive in-house leadership training, complete an EMBA and participate in higher-level business education – it is clear the learning journey shouldn’t stop there. This is most definitely a marathon, not a sprint. So hopefully this session – with its esteemed expert panel – can play its small part in helping people on the journey from management to leadership. This is a learning and development happening you don’t want to miss. – Dean Carroll (C-suite founder)