The following podcasts were taken during a period of my life where I was challenging myself to become the person that I am today.
While I was excited to share my struggles and achievements, you will notice that I was often quite anxious and nervous. I still believe that there is great value in each of these interviews as I am sharing some potentially life transforming information. In that period, I was on my way to close a long cycle of toxic, inherited pain that manifested itself through toxic hardships, those hardships that are a repetition of our family’s toxic script and that, contrary to what the majoritiy of the people believe, don’t teach us anything but make us waste time, energy, money and put at risk our health and psychological wellbeing.

Everything we need to know about ourselves and life, to live in harmony with ourselves, our environment and the world is written inside of us. We do not need to go through toxic hardships to learn all that. Most of all, it’s our responsibility to prevent our children from going through unnecessary suffering.

I overcame everything my family programmed me to go through, the severe depression, the eating disorders and the domestic violence. About toxic relationship with my partner, even though I attracted him as result of my toxic programming, I also really loved my him and believed until the end that he could become different than his parents programmed him. In one of the podcasts I am sharing that we are still together and he is making progress; but unfortunately I was wrong. I continued the journey of freeing myself from my family’s toxic emotional inheritance and eventually this led to our separation, which was absolutely necessary as he had ongoing extreme abusive tendencies. Most people lives are a mess as a result of the emotional inherited toxcity from their parents. Listen to these interviews and commit to free yourself from the toxic inheritance; and if you are a parent have a better life. Learn to reallly love yourself and express your love toward your children.

Elena – Shake Up Your Life, Reshape Your World

Hosted by Kristen Brunnello

If our parents show dysfunctional behavior when we are children, we are victims. But nobody says we have to be victims our whole life. Something has to happen to wake us up. When we awaken, it is our responsibility to step out of the victim role and become heroes (Elena Perella). Eating Disorders Recovery Coach Kristen Brunello and I talk about my struggle with binge eating disorder and bulimia from a young age. I read a chapter called “Mama, why don’t you love me?” of my upcoming book, and talk about how I coach myself through my EDs, discoevered the real cause and reparented myself. Kristen and I talk more about EDs, the importance of consciously conneting with the inner child and more. You can do more than you think to help your children; they will be greatful you didn’t give up on them.

Elena Perella, Life Coach

Hosted by Vena M. Wilson

In the following interview therapist Vena M.Wilson and I discuss about the influence of the family's toxic emotional inheritance on behavior. I share with her my experience about my awakening and my recovery from a story that wasn't mine and that forced me to experience events that compromised the quality of my life. Only when I realized that I was repeating stories that belonged to some of my family members, I could work on myself to break cycles of suffering and reclaim my own, amazing story. What about you? Are you also repeating your painful family’s (hi)story? If so, then I hope that listening to this conversation will inspire you to take action and reclaim your own life to live and love as your true self and to leave a constructive legacy to future generations.

Tap into Self-Love. Defeat Domestic Violence

Hosted by Jaqueline T.D. Huynh

Jacqueline is a warrior, a woman whose courage and strength I really admire. She managed to overcome life’s hardships and dedicate herself to help others improve and evolve. Jacqueline and I found ourselves immediately on the same line.We spoke about how self love can save our lives from some of the most tough experiences like domestic violence. Self-love is the key not only to defeat domestic violence but also to prevent it from affecting our lives. We can remake ourselves to achieve well-being, and to leave a constructive legacy to future generations, so that our children can live and love. I hope you will enjoy the following interview.

Elena Perella: Sentidu – Overcoming Your Past

Hosted by Charlie Hedges

With Charlie and Paul I had a great conversation about Love, Life and Sentidu, a new insight on behavior that I presented and discussed during the interview. Charlie's curiosity and enthusiasm to explore new possibilities to improve ourselves and our lives and Paul's attentive listening, made me feel home. We shared our insights, enriching each other's knowledge on topics that are fundamental for the shaping of a good life.  I was honored to be a guest on the show and hope that by listening to the following interview, you will feel inspired to take action and write your own Next Chapter.

Elena Perella – A Life Coach's Healing Journey from Domestic Abuse

Hosted by Alex Da Silva

I met Alex while surfing on the internet in search for people who would be interested in my story. When I read his blog, much of what he wrote resonated within me, especially his strength to rise above the ashes. Alex is a man who didn’t give up on himself despite the difficult experiences he went through. He was determined to succeed and he made it. He is an example of courage and humbleness. It’s a pleasure to be a guest on his podcast program and I hope that we, together, through this interview, can be an source of inspiration for people who are ready to face their fears and thrive.


Becoming a better leader: How to turn management into leadership


There are just too many bad managers or so-called ‘leaders’ in the business world – all the way from the talented arsehole and the temperamental genius to the overpromoted drone, or worse still, the uncontrollable egotist. We’ve all experienced them at some point in our careers. In fact, some of us probably were one at a certain time. And the reason being that, for many people, they are just expected to know how to do it – without receiving the tools to make it happen. Even if you are lucky enough to receive in-house leadership training, complete an EMBA and participate in higher-level business education – it is clear the learning journey shouldn’t stop there. This is most definitely a marathon, not a sprint. So hopefully this session – with its esteemed expert panel – can play its small part in helping people on the journey from management to leadership. This is a learning and development happening you don’t want to miss. – Dean Carroll (C-suite founder)