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Sentidu Life Coaching
I offer a free one-hour discovery session to see if there is a fit. During this session we can talk about your specific situation and you will get a feel of how I work. To make any of the programs successful it will require your full commitment, your willingness to stretch your mind and openness to reflect on things you have probably never considered before. Creating this openness and stretch will allow all the pieces to fall into place and kickstart your new life.

26-hour intensive program: 2.000

This program is designed to help you see things as they really are. I have found that 26 hours is all you need to understand why you don’t feel good about yourself and what actions you need to take to create a change. Once you have identified the real reasons of your dissatisfaction, behavior and experiences you can choose to do something about it and implement new changes.

The program will challenge the limitations of your mind and through this process you will start to put order in every area of your life. I will help you find your inner guide to take things to the next level. You will free yourself from your family’s toxic emotional inheritance. Create high satisfaction in your life by finding a solid internal balance, where you will be satisfied, happy and live in harmony with yourself, your environment and the world!

The program can be followed in person in Sardinia or via Skype or What’s app.

·       A three-hour coaching session for five consecutive days
·       Eleven one-hour follow up coaching sessions spread over three months
·       On-demand consultation between sessions if needed

A less intensive version of the program can be followed with the following schedule

·       A one or two-hour coaching session per week for up to 26 total hours
·       On-demand consultation between sessions if needed
Important: Terms and Conditions.
Sentidu's programs are designed to help you undergo a deep process of energetic internal renewal. This will lead to an exponential evolution of all the aspects of your life. You won't learn my method, you will discover your own way of experiencing life in harmonious synergy with yourself, your environment and the world. I can't make any guarantee about your own ability to get the results you wish, simply because the results in life are up to you. I offer you professionalism, reliability, trust and a non-judgemental approach but also enjoyment, flexibility, and freedom of expression. I agree to guide and support you throughout the coaching process in identifying and achieving your personal and/or professional goals. You will work at yourself through my guidance in order to make your achievements permanent. Agreed? One of the most important prerequisites for Sentidu's coaching success is an honest, trustworthy and respectful working relationship. If you have any questions, email Thanks for visiting Sentidu's website.
Show yourself off, and let yourself shine!
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