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Sentidu Coaching
Reclaim your ability to understand things as they really are!

I will help you to go beyond what you have learned about yourself and life until now and guide you to get where you want to be, faster, without going through the tormenting passage of self-demolition, so that, eventually, master the keys of your own life.

Through a new insight into human behavior and its internal mechanisms I will guide you in reshaping your life, healing what needs to be healed and letting go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. This will allow you to learn to really love yourself, find the balance to serenely evolve and become who you were meant to be. You will find your own way, creating and experiencing the life you aim for, allowing yourself to ride the waves of life without being overwhelmed by events.

Some of the benefits

The best way to help future generations to build a better tomorrow is by removing all toxic emotional inheritance inside yourself, so that your children will be able to live life in harmonious synergy with themselves, their environment, and the world.

A successful carreer is about discovering your life purpose, transform it into your ideal job and excell in it. By identifying your life purpose and finding the right strategies to shape it, you will allow your dream come true!

Helping your body to regain its own consciousness of needs is the key to create a great relationship with food. Your body will guide you in your eating to stay healthy: what, how much and when. In this way you will always feel full of energy, you won't waste food and money, and won't diet anymore because your weight will be stable.

Sometimes finding the right partner isn't easy. Or we do have the right partner but, for some reason, we can't fully enjoy our relationship. Why? To know the answers, we have to look into the world of our childhood. By understanding the real reasons that prevent us from experiencing healthy relationships, we can let those reasons go, and so allow love and balance in our lives.

But most important

You will lay down a solid base for a life of serenity, quality and success.

Sentidu, building a better tomorrow.
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