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Shake Up your Life, Reshape your World!
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Shake Up your Life, Reshape your World

"Becoming aware that I was a product of my family's toxic convictions and tendencies was the first step to freedom"

The reasons for our behavior lie within ourselves, whatever that behavior might be, good or bad, harmful  or productive. In this seminar we will work to uncover the connection between past events and present experiences and we will try to understand how we function and why through a new insight on the energetic communication between heart, mind and body. Together, we will explore the importance of re-learning about love. By enhancing our awareness of what makes us act the way we do, we will build the instruments to improve ourselves and dissolve our destructive habits. Together we will work to develop a new insight into our behaviors, to give ourselves a chance to overcome obstacles and be the people we were meant to be.

Duration: 2 hours
+39 3426208674
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