Wake up, open your eyes, live life on your own terms!

Imagine a future where happiness no longer exists – we all are stressed, emotionally unstable, obsessed with time, neglecting our families and loved ones, struggling with loneliness, unable to have healthy relationships and form deep connections with others… Unfortunately this already is an everyday reality for millions of people – a high percentage of them, teenagers and young adults – and this is a reality that we are creating for our children.  
Just look around you! Are we out of our fu#%!ng minds? We are a generation that turned into electro-zombies; everyone seems to be consumed by their dependence on constantly fiddling on their electronic devices, missing out on staying in touch with reality and on forming relationships with the actual people around them.
And then we are surprised when we find oursleves lonely, depressed, isolated, and miserable. Only a generation ago, anywhere you went you could see countless children playing in the streets. Now you can visit about any neighborhood and you rarely see children outside, because they grow up in front of their iPads, iPhones, nintendo, xBox, Wii, and devices that most of us adults don’t even know.

Where is humanity heading…!!???


Watch this video for a sadly accurate description

Why are we so blind to this screewed up reality?
While the potential solution seems to be to put down our electronic devices and encourage people and our children to put down their devices and create real connections, this is not as simple! Many of us became dependent on our electronic devices almost as a crutch to cope with life, to create a sense of (fake and momentary) happiness and joy, often also creating a fake identity that we show to the world. And when we put down our electronic devices we feel miserable, lonely and lost. What many don’t realize is that while you keep your nose stuck in your electronic devices you miss out on the opportunity to shape your own life and decisions are often made for you by others.


So now we find ourselves in a Catch-22 situation; if we put our devices down we feel miserable and lonely; if we keep our nose stuck to our electronic devices we are wasting our lives. So what is the solution?


The first step is to learn to be happy with yourself without any kind of dependence (be that electronic devices or anything else), but unfortunately there is a giant dark cloud that separates you from the truth that you can be happy and satisfied without these dependences. Often our dependence on social media and electronic devices stems from us not being ok to be on our own and left alone with our thoughts and raw feelings.
Why Is That?


For many people the source of their unhappiness and insecurities stems from emotional junk that they inherited from their parents and family. I call this emotional junk “toxic emotional inheritance”. The best way to help yourself and future generations to (re)connect with yourself and those around you – and life in general – and build a better tomorrow is by removing all toxic emotional inheritance inside yourself. If we do that it will help us and our children live life in harmonious synergy with ourselves, our environment, and the world.


When you shed your toxic emotional inheritance, you will be able to live life the way you really want, achieving your goals faster, without going through the tormenting passage of self-demolition so that eventually you won’t be negatively influenced by anything and anybody around you and be serene even in the most difficult moments.
Of course, “shedding your toxic emotional inheritance” is easier said than done. It is a process that need introspection, indepth self understanding and often the guidance of an experienced mentor. If you would like my help, click here to request more information.
About the author
Elena Perella is NOT a therapist, a psychologist or a psychiatrist; she is a coach who focuses on helping clients indentify the real reasons behind their suffering and problems. Born and raised on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Elena is passionate about what she does, and with good reason. Elena coached herself through a severe depression, eating disorders and domestic violence and her experience has led her on a journey of discovery of how to break out all of these challenges. As a result she created Sentidu Life Coaching to help people experience their own transformation and break free in the areas they feel stuck.