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Sentidu Life Coaching

Individual sessions: 80

Individual sessions are for

  • Program participants who have completed the program and are looking for additional support or feedback

  • People who are already satisfied with their lives but have some obstacles they would like to overcome or want to explore new possibilities to evolve and understand themselves and life at a much deeper level

Important: Terms and Conditions.
Sentidu's programs are designed to help you undergo a deep process of energetic internal renewal. This will lead to an exponential evolution of all the aspects of your life. You won't learn my method, you will discover your own way of experiencing life in harmonious synergy with yourself, your environment and the world. I can't make any guarantee about your own ability to get the results you wish, simply because the results in life are up to you. I offer you professionalism, reliability, trust and a non-judgemental approach but also enjoyment, flexibility, and freedom of expression. I agree to guide and support you throughout the coaching process in identifying and achieving your personal and/or professional goals. You will work at yourself through my guidance in order to make your achievements permanent. Agreed? One of the most important prerequisites for Sentidu's coaching success is an honest, trustworthy and respectful working relationship. If you have any questions, email Thanks for visiting Sentidu's website.
Show yourself off, and let yourself shine!
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