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"Dear Elena, I am very grateful that the Universe made our lives meet. By intuition I knew something important was going to change in me. Therefore it took me 2 years to visit you in your beautiful Teulada. Your understanding, wisdom and support showed me how to balance the energies in my life. Also how to make peace with people and events in my past who made me choose a life strategy that did not meet my personality and talents. Most important you made me aware of how I passed my anger towards my mother onto my children and how that impacted their lives. I was passing on the anger of maybe generations before me and not the deep love that I feel for them. Now I had good conversations with my children and our relationship improved significantly. I am much more clear about who I am and the purpose in my life and I dare to stand for that. Thank you from my whole being. Love you!" Wilbert Louwers

"For so many years I was looking for a powerful tool that would provide me with an opportunity to discover my inner-self and newly embrace my inner child who has been silenced, suppressed and conditioned for as far as I remember. I was not really aware how important it is to embrace that innocent little one inside of me and simply say " I love you". Thanks to Elena, I finally found courage within myself to forgive and let go of all the pain, unworthiness and the self- destructive thought of me not worthy of living. There are not that many words to express the gratitude, nor put the price tag on what I have received while being coached by Elena. Thank you once again for guiding me and helping me to reunite with my inner and teaching me to look at the world with open eyes and see more colors not only black and white." With love, Judita Louwers
I couldn’t believe that in just one week it was possible to have such an inner revolution! Elena reached my heart and freed it from the inherited heaviness of the past. I immediately felt a peaceful energy inside throughout my being. During the sessions I discovered who I am, without going through the tormenting passage of self-demolition first. Now I live serenely, enjoying my life and my relationships without that sense of guilt that tormented me during my whole life.Barbara M.
I went to Elena feeling sceptical. I had already followed other coaching methods in the past that didn’t unfold like I desired. Thus I believed that with Elena it wasn’t going to be much different. I was wrong. Through Sentidu I experienced an inner quake that put everything back into its own place. Now I feel completely renewed, and I gained the power over myself and my life. I have a positive vision of myself in relationship with others. Even my body response was amazing: I lost weight without any effort, and in a very short time. Moreover, a healthy appetite replaced my emotional hunger. During the sessions I felt free to talk about the deepest secret of my heart, and Elena never judged me. She guided me to find my own solutions. Through Sentidu I finally found my own way of being and living. I certainly know now what experiencing life to its fullest means.” Rachele M.

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